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I value a good health journal and prefer one that is paper-based, although this particular one also comes in a PDF version. I just find it relaxing after all the things we do these days online to just write in a journal at the end of the day. Especially when the journal is combined with a gratitude journal because I like doing that at the end of the day as well- think about the things that made me thankful.

The Begin Within Health Journal has a well-thought-out design that makes it great for anyone to track their chronic illness concerns and also space for other well-being questions. It comes in different styles. I like the spiral notebooks myself.

I particularly like ‘successful moments’ ‘What are you grateful for’ and ‘goals for tomorrow’ which I have used for my own tracking as well. Because I like to note even small things I have accomplished in the day, as that makes me feel good about my day. And even having 1 goal for the next day helps you motivate yourself for the next day. Sets you up for a plan. And really I can on most days lately only manage 1 thing a day anyway. Also keeping a gratitude journal of 1-3 things you are grateful for is great for well-being and mood so I really like to be consistent about that.

So those are extra things to health-related tracking that I personally find important to note every day in a daily journal. As they are helpful with my motivation and feeling productive and feeling grateful. All important aspects for coping for me.

There are the main things in the health tracker that are very important to track every day. Such as pain and energy level. Medications taken. Treatments and therapies used to manage things. Sleep quality can also be an important one especially if you are tracking pain. I also like to track the self-care I did. I track my pain and energy regularly to see if my strategies for coping and current medications are working. And also to help the pain clinic understand where I am at (If I go back due to my absence from the pandemic).

There is a spot for tracking physical activity and since I am trying to maintain some physical activity this helps me track that. What I was able to do, if anything. Even if it was mild. It is extremely hard for me to maintain a routine so it can be erratic but at least I can see even the mild levels and whether that is helping at all with my muscle maintenance, fatigue, or vestibular symptoms (or with vertigo making it worse)

There is a spot for mindset/mood which I find important for me since I am off my depression medication and like to track my mood over time to ensure it is maintained. But also it is good to see how I am reacting to pain overall over time. But it is good to just be mindful of your mood.

Lately, I am also, for the first time, paying attention to my diet and it has spots for that which really does help a lot for that. This is because I am trying to lose weight to get rid of my mild sleep apnea. But there are a lot of reasons to track diet- like to see if certain foods are triggers.

Keeping track of medications is also important especially for my ‘as needed’ medications where I need to know how many times a week I use them. For example, triptans… where I can only use them 2 times a week so I need to keep track of that.

I found this to be a great health daily journal for me to use and keep using since it had all the categories I need to track regularly and even had a gratitude section which I also do every day.

The site offers other services as well to check out, including coaching.

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