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Prompts for October

  • Falling
  • Tansitioning
  • Choosing
  • Imagining
  • Beutifying

We have had absolutely lovely weather for Autumn in Canada around these parts. I do love that fact. Actually enjoying the Fall season rather than getting a massive amount of snowfall that rather ruins it and makes all the leaves just jump off the trees.

Text: October: Falling into fall
Subtext: A Chronic Voice Link-Up
Image: A lake view with shore in the distance. Hand holding a crisp brown maple leaf in the foreground

Falling In Fall

Well, I have had my fair share of falling lately with my vertigo issues. Some of my vestibular issues are not improving and that is discouraging. Maybe because I never learned the actual cause of those initial extremely short, extreme bouts of dizziness or vertigo that caused such extreme fatigue and cognitive issues- which later led to the aggravation of all my vestibular symptoms or vestibular migraine disease. Some things are improving though. I got my re-assessment yesterday with my vestibular therapist and my balance has significantly improved. I could tell too because in the machine they use to test it I was really doing way better than last time. Even in real-life situations, certain things do not trigger that swirl of vertigo in my brain from movement anymore. So my brain is adjusting. Perhaps the remainder is vestibular migraine-related which means a migraine solution. That means a discussion with my neurologist. Or some lingering effects from whatever caused all this.

Also, I seem to be falling into a state of worsening health. I am not sure what these symptoms actually mean though. Are they simply a response to extra sustained effort from my vestibular therapy? Or are they indications of something else entirely?

I had to go to physio because my knee when wonky from doing VRT (vestibular therapy) and while I was there I mentioned this sudden weakness and heaviness in my arm that was persisting. He thoroughly assessed me. I told him that leg the knee went wonky on had been lagging behind the other when tired, and continued to do so. He noted the tremor in my left hand that has become persistent. He noted the tremor in my neck that I didn’t feel, but I did tell him it happens from time to time. And he tested my arm in every way possible and could not find the cause of what had happened to that arm. Some of which could be fibromyalgia (intentional tremor?). Maybe.

He does want me to consult with my neurologist. To rule out any potential of this persistent MS issue I may or may not have. And there are always other possibilities- TIAs, nerve damage. I literally have no clue. I can’t be bothered with speculation on the issue. I will discuss it with my neurologist and he can do whatever he wants with that information.


You do begin to realize when your vestibular therapy causes issues that you might need to take care of some of those other issues. All this physio makes me realize I need some stability in my hypermobile joints and some core stability. I think I might give some gentle Aquarobics a go once I finish this physiotherapy work. Due to the fact that Aquarobics is a good exercise for a low impact on the joints.


I have to choose to progress as best I can. One conscious choice is to do the very best I can at my vestibular therapy in the hopes I see some improvement. I feel I am in a noticeable balance sense. Just not enough to actually be able to do anything really functional. That is to say, I can’t for example sit and do anything on my computer for any sustained length of time. I am better on the laptop- perhaps the screen is better for migraine disease? The same applies to any sort of activity, of course. And when I do anything for a specific amount of time, I need rest. And sometimes even medication to calm things down a bit. I am not sure when I will see more consistent improvement on that side of things. It’s likely hindered a great deal by my chronic migraine disease in the first place. Not to even mention fibromyalgia.


Although I have a lot of trouble focusing, being dizzy most of the time, I always try to spend a little time a day doing some fiction writing or some drawing. Pacing helps me do more in the day. I have worked hard on that equation as well. Just have to make sure I rest between each thing to help regain that capacity to focus. And I have to make sure I do not spend too much time on anything or that does actually ruin my capacity to do anything else that day.

So I am working on a novel right now, even though it is slow going.

And I am drawing. I decided to try my hand at some Halloween-themed art. My first is this Raven:


I can’t say I am beautifying anything but since part of my VRT physio is to do normal activities More in order to stimulate my vestibular system I have been doing some Fall cleaning. I thought it a good idea to clean things I wouldn’t normally before winter gloom sets in… and you don’t necessarily see that grim as much with less light in the day. So a nice deep clean… but just teeny tiny bits a day. Because regardless of dizziness and vestibular symptoms I still have chronic pain and fibromyalgia… I have to pace anyway. And it is a lot of effort to do all that. Nevertheless, it feels good to get to areas I have ignored for a bit because it was impossible to do when the vertigo was severe.

But speaking of beauty and Fall on one of my walks by the lake I did get some wonderful pictures:

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