So lately I have been digging around for some useful apps I can use regularly for specific lifestyle/chronic illness management reasons. I recently blogged about the Time Planner app I found and am using lately. Now I am going to share some more beneficial apps for alternative chronic illness management.

I was just digging around the app store trying to find apps that would complement the habit changes I have been making. Maybe one or more might work for you as well.

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Text:Beneficial free chronic illness management apps
Check out some chronic illness management apps!

My Possible Self: The mental health app

This is a nice mood management app I found. It looks at managing anxiety, helping with depression, managing stress and improving sleep. Because mental health involves a lot of different things and management of it can involve a lot of areas the app is full of things to check out.


  • Mood tracker
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Exercises to check out
  • Sleep tracker
  • Guided series- tools to check different areas in your life -like a test for your sleep quality
  • Audios to listen to (sleep audio, meditation audio)
  • Toolkit: Thinking time (journal to spend specific time on worries so you try not to think about them at other times), Reframing thoughts, physical activity log, food log, mindful exercises, exploring anxiety, box breathing and More.

I use it regularly to track my mood and sleep. This is because it is winter and winter means a lot of pain and also Seasonal Affective Disorder- so I like to keep track of my mood. To that end though, I have also used a few things in the toolkit that I know help with mood management like their ‘thinking time’ and ‘reframing thoughts’. I have checked out a few things in their library (audios and podcast videos).

One Deep Breath

I have a specific app I have been using for my relaxation breathing. This is because I found One Deep Breath which has all the relaxation breathing techniques in it and guides you through them all.

I do relaxation breathing every day to help with stress and pain management. More times a day, as needed. This app has multiple forms that I utilize with smooth animations to carry you through the exercises.


Breathing patterns

In this section, there are all the relaxation breathing styles that some of us may be familiar with like Box breathing and 4-7-8 breathing.

The second image shown here is the screen after I selected ‘Calm’ breathing, one I use frequently- and the ‘exercise preview’ shows the animation image you follow as it runs through the breathing exercise for 3 minutes. In ‘Calm’ the animation is a rolling hill- the bottom of the hill you breathe in, at the top you breath out and you just follow along with that in a nice steady pattern.

Guided Breathing

There is also a list of more guided breathing exercises. These are designed to help with various things. In the second image, you see the example of ‘Daybreak’ which I tried recently- which is designed to really give you that morning boost. It definitely does that, it is a really deep breathing exercise for sure. I have also done the heart variability one because with fibromyalgia my heart variability can really suck a lot at times so I figure this is something I should work on.


There is also a list of lessons. I have seen some interesting things in this section but haven’t explored them much yet.

Smiling Mind

I dig this meditation app I recently found. It has free meditation programs for adults, yes, but also children. It has short and long meditations. For people new to meditation and for experienced meditation practices. They have extensive guided meditations on numerous topics (extensive library really) and even a section on unguided meditations (timed, timed with bell at the end). It is 100% non-for-profi as well.


This is a very simple tracking app. So if you are trying to stop a habit or pick up a new habit, this is a really simple app to track your progress. Basically, it states to set a new habit it takes doing it 66 days straight… so that is the goal. But you can set it for every day, or a certain amount of times per week, or amount of times per day (say if you are reducing smoking, for example. Or reducing caffeine intake). You can set up reminders, if you want to.

So it is simple, but a really nice way to track your progress on all the lifestyle and habit changes you are doing. Right now I am tracking my daily meditation and also my daily relaxation breathing. I also have quit smoking In there- but I have not started it yet-soon.

Check out other apps I recommend and use

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