It has been a very introverted year in the sense that due to the pandemic people are just not that out and about these days. So everyone is much more inward focusing and there is a lot less gathering. It isn’t a bad thing overall since I am an introvert who happens to have a lot of introverted hobbies and tends to sort of need a lot of downtime anyway. But I do like to socialize from time to time with friends and family.

I know a lot of people have pandemic fatigue. I know I do. I am tired of watching the news these days. Yet, being at higher risk for COVID and really not wanting to risk something like long-COVID given my Existing health situation makes me wary. I think part of me is just hunkering down into hermit mode anyway from just the lack of going out and about.

So it feels like the year was short… and yet also very long. The most memorable thing about it is that I did my vestibular rehabilitation.

Title: End of year favourite posts and thoughts 
Image: someone holding a 2021 calendar

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

I was looking forward to vestibular rehabilitation therapy this year though. And I did it although all those exercises plus extra activities caused more pain and even some injuries. And I finished it.

Yet, soon after I stopped my symptoms began to revert backward. So I see that I may have to continue doing them… forever? And I didn’t even get an awesome result from the rehabilitation so that is disappointing. But I did get A result, as in some results. But obviously not a permanent one. That is very frustrating to me. I actually got extremely dizzy on Christmas when I left the house to visit my mom. It may have been the car ride, the lack of a nap (which is necessary when these symptoms are worse) or sitting upright too much… but it got pretty bad and that is a definite sign I need to start my exercises and do them daily all over again.

Lack of productivity

I can’t say this has been the most productive year. That isn’t a negative or bad thing, of course. Life isn’t rated or measured in productivity- aside from capitalistic views.

Vestibular rehabilitation takes a lot of work… and it aggravates my symptoms which makes me less able to do other things while I focus on that. I ended up decreasing a lot of things to be able to do the things on my rehab list. Sort of idiotic really. Do all the things specified on this list but in order to Do That, do a whole lot less of Other Things… so not exactly increasing productivity, more like shuffling it around. But more physical things which did cause a pain problem.

What is really unfortunate about that is that I decreased a whole lot of the things that make me a mentally and emotionally healthy person when coping with chronic pain while increasing all the things that make pain a lot worse… so that was not a fun ordeal to go through.

I am just now trying to schedule my time more efficiently to see where my limits are, with rest times between everything, to see what I can do… and what I can’t do. And obviously, add back in the vestibular exercises so I can at least get the modest benefits back. While at the same time ensuring I work in a schedule for the very things that help me cope mentally and emotionally with chronic pain. Obviously, with vestibular symptoms being as they are rest and naps are an essential part of my existence. That is just the way that is.

Freelance Writing

As you know, I love to write and that is one thing that makes me feel very productive. I started writing for and specifically the Restless Leg Syndrome site. My functionality varies substantially from month to month but that site allows for flexibility. I do like the side income due to the fact disability is hard to live on.

I also love to write fantasy fiction but that has been even harder to focus on lately. I do have a few works in progress but it has been difficult progress lately. These are my current novels under my pen name: Lil Hamilton.

Art progress

My art hobby has progressed quite a bit and it has been fun to see my skills develop over the year.


But it has been an introspective year. So I have adapted a lot in my perspective and in how I cope. The things and routines I do to maintain a good perspective and mood.

You really begin to realize what you can’t do, for sure. And definitely now with the failure of the vestibular therapy, I am very aware of what I Can’t do. That doesn’t mean I am unable to have a life though. And perhaps one day a bit more of a life. I just have to be careful and make slow progress and rest between things. I have to enjoy and value what I can do. Pace a whole damn lot. And have a little perspective on things. Just because a life is different doesn’t mean it is bad. It is just different.

Top Review post of 2021

My top review post is for the Avulux migraine glasses! They are a favourite product of mine as well because I wear them all the time for migraine and fibromyalgia photophobia management. With my migraine light sensitivity, I also wear them to help with a light trigger. I do have to wear them all the time because fibromyalgia does give me light sensitivity 24/7 migraine attack or not. Although I have found by continuously worn them over time there have been times where I found I didn’t need them as much, so there is that (since I have the clip-on to their prescription glasses, it is easy enough to take the filter off if I so desire).

Migraine Product Review: Avulux glasses migraine management

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