This winter started with an extremely cold snap in December and now we are having a weird warm breeze float in. The weather is particularly confused. So my brain and body are also particularly confused and have been throwing out a whole lot of pain.

There has been a whole lot of snow happening here. My brother hasn’t been driving his car… so now we can’t find it. We think it is the largest snowdrift out there. But who knows?

It is so cold we have been getting ice on the Inside of the windows. Which has been interesting and not how windows are supposed to work. So apparently we need new windows. When they thaw.

I am not exactly fond of winter as a season, exactly. But I intended to get out more to get some of that very short span of time where the sun decides to show itself. It is just I didn’t expect to be quite so dizzy or in quite so much pain. So I find myself doing more physio than anticipated to just, you know, function a bit.

Winter Vives pin- Image winter forest scene

Frozen in my ice house

Also the doors have been freezing shut. So even if I have been tempted to go out and about, which I have not, I can’t seem to leave. I am frozen in. I had a package outside and I couldn’t get the screen door open. So I left the door open for a bit to let the screen door thaw for a while. Then I forced it open to get the package.


But then I couldn’t close the main door. Even with my full body weight on the damn thing. So I had to wait until my boyfriend got home fully close that door. I can’t even open or close the back door- so that one is completely out of the question.

What was in that package? Vitamins. Of course.

Well, that nap led to another nap

Having a nap with my cat Charlie

I have been insanely tired lately. Not sure why. It might be a pain thing. But definitely, one nap leads to another nap and that leads to another nap. Between naps are some cuddles with my cat Charlie.

It has been so long since I have left the house

It is the 5th wave of the pandemic. Or 15th? I have lost count. Anyway, I am getting a bit isolated. So I haven’t got a haircut in a LONG time now. I am getting lost in my hair. I may never find my way out of here.

Some days I get migraine face

Too many weather changes lately have led to way too many migraine rides. What? I AM smiling. Okay, I’m not. And, yeah, that is a very empty look in my eyes. Pain has replaced thoughts. Nothing going on in there.

So it has been a high pain winter. I don’t wear perfume or anything like that- I do have the scent of Tiger Balm though. So that is super sexy. But this isn’t exactly a shocker. Happens every winter. It is just those darn fluctuations that get to ya. But I am hoping my additional vitamins may help with the migraine attacks anyway. Or not. One never knows. The fibromyalgia, on the other hand, just disagrees with winter.

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One thought on “Winter vibes

  1. Hello Nikki,
    We are all sorry here to read that your life is getting complicated by this winter.
    Regarding migraine, the supplementation with vitamins may help but don’t forget (I’m sure you don’t) to drink enough water. Like the warm periods, cold ones drain the body from its fluids, and it doesn’t help with migraines : water is a medium for life but also for blood density. Some people, like me, are very sensitive to water depletion in their circulatory system and blood. Which bring migraines and, our beloved one, pain… So, have a glass of water with us all. Hope you will get better soon.


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