So our household was hit with a cyber attack and this shouldn’t be at all surprising since this person has been cyber stalking my boyfriend and myself for Quite some times. You rather know the ins and outs of ones cyber trail when you do That. Creeper.

So some sort of loathsome creature lurker in our lives the last few years or more

It is pretty vile and any other adjective you want to throw in there but primarily a) it cost money to update our cyber security that we really don’t have and b) it cost more money for my boyfriend to have identity theft protection (as I have that perk from the workplace I am on disability from).

And I have an intense feeling of violation

I’m a private person. A quiet, introverted person. I despise this person for making me feel unsafe in all my corners and niches of my online life. Riffling through my fiction writing and pictures and art and who the hell even knows. It is all so disgusting.


Blogging requires a level of honesty and disclosure with my life and thoughts and if you knew me personally you’d know I am a very honest person. Maybe too much so but I know how to be diplomatic and tactful as well- I just don’t lie about myself or my life. Thing is I tend to only ever open up to people I trust and, well, you guys. I am always able to write about things better than open up to people verbally.

But after this, I am not so certain I can. I feel so creeped out by this all. It is abundantly clear someone I know. Someone my boyfriend knows. Is Not who we think they are. And is something far more insidious on the inside. And I find that deeply disturbing.

Frankly, it makes me want to start narrowing my online life down Substantially. I will end up doing whatever I Want to do and screw them. They can watch me if they want. I am sure its vastly entertaining. However, I am not sure I will keep my blog and associated social media. I don’t know if I want to reveal the depths of to someone that unpredictable and clearly disturbed from the things they have done.

So I am still thinking about my options.

8 thoughts on “Cyber attack stalker and blogging

  1. Hi Nikki, I’m so sorry that you and your partner are experiencing this and I completely understand your questioning how you go on with blogging and social media. I was stalked a long time ago. Not the cyber variety but that level of intrusion into my life, and well just me(!!!) was both infuriating and down right scary. How dare they! I hope you can work out what is right for you but if you do choose to withdraw from blogging know that your honesty and your ability to put thought to word will be greatly missed. Cate

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    1. I have dealt with a couple stalkers when I was younger but not of the variety that are insane and persistent. More like men who just followed me around, memorized my routine and always showed up where I was… I had to change my routine and do all those sorts of things. This situation seems to be escalating from what I found out this person was doing and then went on to do and then this cyber attack so I hope it doesn’t get real life personal.


  2. Hi Nikki.
    I won’t repeat what has been already well commented and to which I agree. What you and your spouse are living is deeply disturbing and it needs reflection. You have to put in the balance what this.ese crepper.s did to you personnally and the amount of joy, time investment, willings and work in fine you put in your net activity. That’s definitely not easy to take any decision when you realize what you worked for made you a public person with all your strenghts and weaknesses. I am sure you know it but these net disease you got, this nasty deviant criminal has one and only objective : keep sponging your activity in any way he.she wants (and he.she probably reads what I write right now). There are not two many options I know : get rid of him.her or leave… Some people decide to let it live so and quit but you have to know that pirates are living long after on your activity while you left it and many people connected to you/your activity are also pirated by the same creeper.
    Getting rid of a pirate is a tough program and definitely not a way of life. I understand how deep you are looking for ressources when disability is already inside you… But if you do, if you achieve it maybe you can get back some of the joy you had in the beginning, starting your blogging activity that kept you proud so long. Proud is not a simple feeling. If you are honest as you seems to us, this helps a lot. If you suffer from a disease, it helps you keeping the head above the water. This can really help.
    I know what a disability is like much people commenting in here. And I guess what ideas turn around in your head in this situation. Fighting or leaving… Be sure that we support you with all our disabilities : you are free to take the decision for you, your activity, your family but in our minds we don’t want you to leave. You don’t want to lose this precious person that help us so much. We don’t want to lose this sparkling mind that enlight us. If you still have some strengh to be with us, stay. Simply.
    A french fan, Ludo.

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  3. Totally understood. I have some experience with this as well. Not uncommen today. I deal with it by feeling sorry 😞 that they have this problem and praying that they will get some better relationship skills. I pray that they will learn something from snooping in my stuff that will inspire them to be better people. Then I ignore it and go on with my life. Hope that helps some; I am sorry 😞 this happened to you my dear. ❀


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