So I am going to take an extended leave from blogging on this site. I am going to take it down for a bit and put up something different in its place… and still have everything stored. While I decide if I want to continue with it… or not. I will keep all the social media up, of course.

I decided on this not just because of that dick hacker but also because I have become a bit stretched too thin given my current health situation. And I have been trying to keep up but not doing quite so well at it. That is extremely frustrating for me.

Not to mention I just came down with COVID. As did my brother and his girlfriend who live with us but not my boyfriend oddly enough. Guy has a super duper immune system or something. So I am not exactly feeling well.

I just need some time off to get better and then to focus on my vestibular exercise and hopefully see some improvement there.

And if I decide to put it back up in a few months it will be all new and snazzy and I will be all refreshed and ready to go.

6 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. Take all the time you need to look after yourself Nikki. Us spoonies all understand how hard it is just to keep everything going without Covid on top of that.
    Take care, rest lots
    Sarah x

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  2. Will certainly miss this blog, but we all need down time once in a while! So sorry you have covid on top of everything else you already deal with. Rest, repair & don’t stop fighting for you!

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    1. I apparently am recovering quite slowly from COVID. Maybe because I’m already chronically ill. Not sure. I’m going to have to ask my doctor about it but it is difficult for sure.


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