I made a video today to chat about the issues I have been having and why my break from blogging has… been a bit.

When I took my break I was pretty exhausted from dealing with my vestibular treatment which was only partially effective at best. And dealing with the constant nuisance of a cyber stalker that I still have but don’t much have the energy to care about really. But then our household inevitably got hit with COVID and even though I had my shots and boosters and whatnot I got it. It was mild considering, but it was a milder variant. But my asthma still went bonkers so I had to see a respiratory specialist to get that under control again. And I thought all the fatigue and tiredness had something to do with, well, not exactly breathing well. But it wasn’t that.

My vestibular symptoms went from sort of handled-ish, kind-of sorta, to not handled at all again. And I just had to sleep a whole lot. My doctor thought it would go away and I would recover in three months, as is common with the more enduring COVID symptoms. But it hasn’t. It just keeps on keeping on. And I am falling asleep at the drop of a hat and public places and it is nuts.

So speculation wise it could be narcolepsy and they are doing a sleep study to see. Maybe not. Hard to say with Long-Covid. If That is even what is going on. Literally no clue right now. So there is the sleep study to look at the whole issue. And my doctor is doing some further blood work because I have a high white blood cell count that is persistent. I think she wants to rule out things like leukemia, to be honest. And that makes sense really. All I know is things got really out of sorts after COVID and I was still adjusting to the vertigo situation.


Sleep, sleeping life away,
Wake up, to sleep again.
Hovering on the cusp of dream’s doorway,
Only awake enough to feel my brain slip, slip and drain.

Wake up ,to sleep again,
Dragging through the day.
Only awake enough to feel my brain slip, slip and drain,
I am here but here I am slipping away.

Dragging through the day,
Hovering on the cusp of dream’s doorway.
I am here but here I am slipping away,
Sleep, sleeping life away.

       Nikki Albert

7 thoughts on “Where have I been? Long-COVID and sleep

      1. That is the frustrating part. Waiting on tests, waiting on a diagnosis. Hoping they actually Can diagnosis which that isn’t always the case


      2. It’s probably not a consolation but I know exactly how you feel. You want a diagnosis hopefully followed by “and we know exactly what we can do to help you” but often, this doesn’t happen. I really wish you good luck.

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