This blog is about Fibromyalgia, chronic illness and chronic pain. I myself have chronic migraines, Fibromyalgia, asthma, hypothyroidism and hypermobility syndrome. I introspect about the experience of living with chronic illness and chronic pain. I also will post research and articles. Occasionally you will see book reviews or item reviews of things I have found. I write around average two posts a week but occasionally when I have more to say it will be more. I try to post Tuesdays and Thursdays, however since that it late at night I sometimes end up the next days time.

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I have been chronically ill in one way or another since I was a child starting with hypermobility syndrome that gave me a joint pain and insomnia. It wasn’t until I was a teen though that the joint pain, fatigue and insomnia picked up the pace and I was having difficulties. Skipping school to sleep and so forth. However, it took until I was 20 to be officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I received no treatment for it though. I was told I was too ‘young for it’. Not sure if that was ageism or some gender bias thrown in there as well. Either way it took until I was in my thirties to be put on Lyrica. I began to get migraines with aura when I was 20 as well. These progressively got more frequent as time passed. I developed persistent migraine auras. And migraine associated vertigo. Somewhere around 2000 they became daily and have been there since. Migraines they did however treat quite a bit or attempted to. I haven’t really responded to preventatives except mildly to Topamax.

The impact of all this has taken a toll on my life and career. Or what career more like. I was on an academic path when the migraines gained severity. I was finishing my Masters. It became clear I wouldn’t be able to go for my phd until I had some sort of effective treatment. I didn’t know at the time the most effective possible outcome for a preventative was 50% and I’d never see it. So I took time off to find more effective treatment. Which I never found, but did discover rapidly that working was much worse due to painsomnia and sleep deprivation issues. So I had a hard time just finding a job to maintain. I did eventually give up on the idea of even attaining my phd and just finding a career. To that end I found a job at a bank as a lending/investment officer. However the untreated pain was far too intense. Unmanaged pain and full-time work had the best of me. I tried to push through it and did for years. But in the end it led to a suicide attempt. Then another. Things changed for the better when I changed doctors, was sent to the pain clinic and a new neuro as well as put on a mood modify medication that didn’t have the side effect of suicidal ideation for me. The pain clinic told my straight up I could only work part-time so I changed roles to a teller at the bank to reduce my hours. And even this is difficult to maintain, but far less stressful.

My coping strategies have improved and evolved over time. However I still deal with depression associated with chronic pain that compromises my coping at times. It is a difficult road we travel. I don’t always cope well with it.


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