Nikki Albert

Hello! I am a blogger and freelance writer living in Alberta Canada. I also write novels under the pen name Lil Hamilton

What I Do

I have been running “Brainless Blogger” since 2007, with over 24,240 followers across social media platforms to date. My primary audience are those with chronic pain (primarily fibromyalgia) and chronic illness in general, who are looking for support, research, tips and resources on how to manage pain and improve their quality of life, well-being and overall life satisfaction.

I use my personal journey and experience to articulate the chronic pain experience. An experience that is often stigmatized by society in general and can leave people with pain feeling isolated. I want people to understand they are not alone on this journey and that there are multiple ways we can improve our overall well-being in addition to medical treatments and medications.


Here are some services that I offer.  Contact me via my primary blog email for more specific enquiries.

  • Sponsored Posts or Product Reviews
    SEO-optimised educational/research articles, and/or reviews of your product, service, app published to this blog. DA (Domain Authority) is 38, which is above average for this niche. Up to 10,000 page views per month.
  • Social Media Sharing
    With over 24k followers on social media we can do a SEO-optimised campaign and create content to promote through the social media socials of your choice.
  • Freelance content writing
    SEO-optimised content written for your website or blog, either on a one time basis or recurrent scheduale. This includes guest posting.

**I am not doing any sponsored posts on the topic of CBD at this time

Any other projects or combined projects upon request.


I am currently doing guest posting. Let me know if you want to work together!

Media Kit (request up-to-date kit via email)

List of posts published by me on other sites


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