Writing about your pain

I have been a blogger for many, many years and I also write fantasy fiction. To me, there is something very powerful about creative writing when it comes to chronic pain management. Both when it comes to writing about my pain and when it comes to engaging in creative writing, which is fundamentally a passion … Continue reading Writing about your pain

Disability Pride Month

In 2015, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared July as Disability Pride Month to celebrate the ADA’s 25th anniversary. Disability Pride Month commemorates the passage of the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and promotes visibility and positive awareness, acceptance, and recognition, and educates others on being an ally. It’s also about reminding everyone that … Continue reading Disability Pride Month

Imposter Syndrome and chronic illness

I have had Imposter Syndrome for really all my life. Along with 70% of the population, at some time or another. Imposter syndrome is that feeling that any successes you have had are due to luck or some external influences outside of yourself. And not your skills, talent or qualifications. The psychologists Pauline Rose Clance … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome and chronic illness

It’s July? Wow. Pandemic life sure does fly

Time for A Chronic Voice link-up prompts Prompts AgeingSufferingTransformingNavigatingVisualizing It's July? Already? Pandemic life sure does fly when you're doing absolutely nothing It's Canada Day today! Alberta is fully re-opening today as well but I don't expect I'll be jumping in to do anything for Canada Day. Bit too soon for me. I am double … Continue reading It’s July? Wow. Pandemic life sure does fly

Migraine disease and photophobia

Light sensitivity and eye pain are very common migraine symptoms. It isn't only an aversion to light but it can also make the migraine pain more intense. For people without headache disorders, light became too bright when it hit 23,000 lux (like a bright, sunny, cloudless day). Even at that intensity, 24% were not bothered … Continue reading Migraine disease and photophobia