A different Christmas

This year I could not go see my mom due to the pandemic and the current regulations. I could not go visit friends either. However, since my father is single and lives alone we were able to have him over for a visit and that was an awesome bonus. Charlie helps us prepare of Christmas … Continue reading A different Christmas

Migraine art

Here is some of the migraine art I have made so far this year. It reminds me of a migraine poem I wrote awhile back. Shattered Blue, black, and red stars dance behind the mind Pain shatters within and breaks the world apart. What can I do but, crawl through infinity, to a new day to … Continue reading Migraine art

Chronic pain: The indestructible within

Help me, it's like the walls are caving inSometimes I feel like giving upBut I just can'tIt isn't in my bloodLaying on the bathroom floor, feeling nothingI'm overwhelmed and insecure, give me somethingI could take to ease my mind slowlyJust have a drink and you'll feel betterJust take her home and you'll feel betterKeep telling … Continue reading Chronic pain: The indestructible within

Things I learned after being diagnosed with migraine disease

My sister-in-law recently got diagnosed with migraine with aura. And that sucks a whole lot. I despise migraine disease and it literally doesn't matter how frequent they are, they suck. They suck a whole lot. Worse is that they are not infrequent starting for her. Not like once a month or two here. Way more … Continue reading Things I learned after being diagnosed with migraine disease