Winter vibes

This winter started with an extremely cold snap in December and now we are having a weird warm breeze float in. The weather is particularly confused. So my brain and body are also particularly confused and have been throwing out a whole lot of pain. There has been a whole lot of snow happening here. … Continue reading Winter vibes

January: What? Already? -A Chronic Voice Link-Up

Time for A Chronic Voice Link-up January Prompts: RecuperatingReversingDawningMappingRe-Defining Recuperating I was really lagging into the new year. I'm not sure why but maybe it is just that the holidays seem to take a toll on me for whatever reason. Either way, I was exhausted. So I needed some serious downtime. But it could have … Continue reading January: What? Already? -A Chronic Voice Link-Up

Migraine treatment: B2 Riboflavin

I recently wrote on the topic: Migraine treatment and Coenzyme Q10 supplementation. I wanted to also mention the importance of B2 and the recommended dosage of B2. Vitamin B2 also known as Riboflavin is affordable and a migraine treatment that is backed by some research. See National Health Institute for food sources Points to note … Continue reading Migraine treatment: B2 Riboflavin

Disabled: what a waste of your Potential, Smarty-Pants

There is something about migraine disease hitting in your more productive years as a human that is an insult to some people (starting for me when I was 20 and full-on chronic mid-20's and going on strong into my 40's- but certainly not always the case in others). Or maybe chronic pain itself is the … Continue reading Disabled: what a waste of your Potential, Smarty-Pants