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Patreon who am I

I live in a small city called Leduc, just outside of Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. That would be with my common-law spouse of 20 years and our three cats.

I have a dual nature as a writer and a blogger. Under my given name, Nikki Albert, I am a chronic illness blogger on Brainless Blogger. Most of my freelance work is in the chronic illness and health area. Most of my essays that have been put into collections traditionally published are in this area as well. I have a self-published humor book about chronic pain called ‘The Chronic Pain Manual: The really, real manual to pain

And under my pen name Lil Hamilton, I am a fantasy fiction writer with a writer blog called The Hermit. I have a few self-published works. A series and what will be a new series.

Haven Series:

White Witch
Where art thou?
All Drugged Up: Part I
All Drugged Up: Part II
The I of Me

Riftworld Series

The Surge

Why Patreon

I didn’t think of using Patreon when I was working. I am not a writer in it for the big bucks, the glory, or fame. I don’t think any of us are. It is because we are compelled by the characters and the world that just spawns in our brains. The very idea of fame makes my introverted self quiver in alarm. I should have considered it because self-publishing is expensive. I currently am without an editor and I do all my cover designs. Naturally, it would vastly improve things to have an editor and to have someone far more skilled and I to do my cover designs. That would be a very valid reason for me to use Patreon. It is, in fact, one reason I am doing so.

However, it wasn’t until work diminished as a possibility for me that this became an important option. I was working full-time, then part-time, and now not at all. All due to chronic pain and illness. I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraine, and vertigo. The vertigo is triggered by driving regularly, among other things, so I don’t really drive at all now. But it is also triggered by boats, planes, elevators, buses, amusement park rides, and literally any motion. Work is no longer an option. But insurance companies rather don’t like to actually pay people so I am in limbo with them and any funds to survive off of. And the only skill I have outside of work, is writing. So all my efforts are in this direction.

Patreon what perks do you get

I thought for some time on this. What sort of perks can a writer offer? I was thinking of offering the perk of dying in one of my books, but that seemed grim, eh? Little grim. So I will start off with some perks and if they go well I will keep them.

Apprentice: ($1 per month) Early access to blog posts on my writer blog, The Hermit. If you want to ask me a question, any question at all, I will answer it on my blog in the Patreon only section.

Master class: ($5 per month) Level 1 plus Access to extra writing from poems to essays in the Patreon only section. As well as access to written drafts that are not published yet.

Adept level: ($20 per month) Level 1 and 2 Plus An acknowledgment in my book. And a signed copy of any of my books in the Haven series or the newest book out.

My sincerest thanks to any contributors. Thank you so much for supporting my writing and blogging adventures!

If you would be interested in more Brainless Blogger perks, let me know. I can adjust my perks if there are enough people interested. Right now, it is focussed on my fiction writing life.