Coronavirus: The chronic illness view

I have been thinking about this pandemic of the Coronavirus a lot since I have not left home at all. And there a few responses I have seen and have in regard to being chronically ill and higher risk during this. It is a lot of complex emotions. Obviously, this is a hard time for … Continue reading Coronavirus: The chronic illness view

Social distancing- it's a lifestyle

Coronavirus: Isolation

I know you guys have read a lot about this. Too much. Panic!!! No, don't panic. Yes, PANIC! No, wash your hands. And panic. And social distancing. And panicking. And hoarding. And freaking out. And none of that is from the chronic illness community. That is from healthy people. So... we should be panicking MORE. … Continue reading Coronavirus: Isolation

Hey, healthy people, illness is no vacation

Oh, so you don't work! That must be like a Vacation Every Day! I saw you do a thing! You must be Fine! I saw you left the house! You must be cured! I saw you were on social media! You must be feeling Better! Yeah No. Let's look behind closed doors with some #SickSelfie … Continue reading Hey, healthy people, illness is no vacation

Vestibular disorder: Stuck in dizziness hell zone

I was told by more than one medical professional they do not like the word dizzy. At all. Because too many sensations are encompassed under the word 'Dizzy'. My main complaints since I was disabled in 2017 was this non-stop dizziness, and disequilibrium, and balance issues. And also intermittent vertigo that happens randomly. And I … Continue reading Vestibular disorder: Stuck in dizziness hell zone

The cult of positivity

There is nothing wrong with being positive or working of thinking positive. Take a look at Let's look at 'thinking positive' which essentially is this Cognitive Behavioural therapy for mental illness and chronic pain is a good thing. We can be caught in a net of negative thinking and need to adjust ourselves to more … Continue reading The cult of positivity