Chronic pain: My Diet and exercise

I have fluctuated in my weight from 120 pounds to 170 pounds. And I don't eat any different. I do have hypothyroidism. And we are put on 101 medications that cause weight gain so That is a fun adventure. "Eat when you are hungry. That is your body telling you when it needs food." So … Continue reading Chronic pain: My Diet and exercise

Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine

I won the last category of prizes in this year's #ShadesForMigraine contest and in it you win a prize package. There is always something interesting in there. 1st prize came with an Allay Green Light lamp (Coupon here) for example and that is a product I adore and would recommend to anyone with migraine disease. … Continue reading Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine

Chronic illness: The Disabled line

DISABLED Well. Doesn't that word seem Heavy and filled with more Meaning than it actually has? Other people put more meaning on it that it actually has. Stigma like we are 'lazy' and 'mooching off the system' and 'just don't want to work' and 'most people on disability are just faking it' (because we make … Continue reading Chronic illness: The Disabled line