Undiagnosed: That limbo state

  Undiagnosed. I remember this well. I spent the majority of my childhood UNDIAGNOSED. The pain and fatigue where things I felt I didn't even have the right to complain about because, well, I had No Label to Defend it. And it took until the age of 16 to get even somewhat of a label: … Continue reading Undiagnosed: That limbo state

Symptom? Side effect? Or normal sick-sick?

Sometimes when you are chronically ill and feel like a bag of steaming crapola all the time it is actually hard to tell if you have a normal run of the mill sickness. And sometimes it isn't. When it is easy to tell you are normal sick Hacking horrible cough from hell Flu that causes … Continue reading Symptom? Side effect? Or normal sick-sick?

What is Ableism?

You may have heard people talk about Ableism. I often talk about stigma and discrimination but haven't used the term itself but it is the term. Like sexism, ageism and racism, ableism is a form of discrimination against disabled people by those who are not. Definition type of discrimination in which able-bodied individuals are viewed as normal … Continue reading What is Ableism?

Chronic stress and the body

Chronic negative stress does not do a body good. We all know this. Because we have pain and illness and so stress from That plus the life consequences of That causes a boatload of negative stress. We all know our mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as our physical wellbeing, but I don't know … Continue reading Chronic stress and the body