How to support my blog

I have been struggling financially, as most of us are these days. My spouse lost his job when oil prices dropped and then when the pandemic hit it has been a problem to find anything permanent. He is the primary income earner since I am disabled. I wanted to take some courses and to some … Continue reading How to support my blog

Things I use for migraine management

We all do a whole lot to manage our migraine disease aside from medication. And medication doesn't really help me since I am non-responsive to preventatives. So there are a whole lot of things in my toolkit that I utilize to help me manage my daily migraine attacks. Ice Therapy I have more than one … Continue reading Things I use for migraine management

Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine

I won the last category of prizes in this year's #ShadesForMigraine contest and in it you win a prize package. There is always something interesting in there. 1st prize came with an Allay Green Light lamp (Coupon here) for example and that is a product I adore and would recommend to anyone with migraine disease. … Continue reading Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine