Chronic pain treatment expectations

When you were diagnosed with chronic pain what were your treatment expectations, if any? And what did the doctor or specialist imply the treatment expectations were? It is strange with some pain. With fibromyalgia my pain, back in the day, was mostly ignored and not treated or managed until I was a lot older. The … Continue reading Chronic pain treatment expectations

Regulating emotions with chronic pain

We all know chronic pain brings with it a hefty emotional toll. And we know that chronic pain does alter our neurotransmitter balance. A study from UNSW Sydney and NeuRA (published in the European Journal of Pain) found that people with chronic pain also have a specific imbalance of neurotransmitters in the part of the brain … Continue reading Regulating emotions with chronic pain

Disability Pride Month

In 2015, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared July as Disability Pride Month to celebrate the ADA’s 25th anniversary. Disability Pride Month commemorates the passage of the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and promotes visibility and positive awareness, acceptance, and recognition, and educates others on being an ally. It’s also about reminding everyone that … Continue reading Disability Pride Month

Imposter Syndrome and chronic illness

I have had Imposter Syndrome for really all my life. Along with 70% of the population, at some time or another. Imposter syndrome is that feeling that any successes you have had are due to luck or some external influences outside of yourself. And not your skills, talent or qualifications. The psychologists Pauline Rose Clance … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome and chronic illness

Invisible disability and self-imposed stigma we learn from others

I read a post called The Bizarre Prevalence of Invisible Illness Imposter Syndrome and the author uses different terms and language to describe what I have felt as well. Essentially it is this pattern: With an invisible disability we mask our symptoms for a variety of reasons. To cope and manage working. So we will … Continue reading Invisible disability and self-imposed stigma we learn from others