When you feel like a loser because you’re disabled

I know I am disabled. I know that means I don't have much money and can't help much financially. Or be as productive as I want to be. That I have to rest an insane amount. That I am not very functional. And I cope very well with this low quality of life. I am … Continue reading When you feel like a loser because you’re disabled

Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling is part Journal and par Art therapy and that is what makes it quite effective as a process to help us release our inner thoughts and emotions. Art therapy, after all, is simply a process of creativity to express ourselves. Sometimes when we journal it is very linear. I did this. Then this. … Continue reading Visual Journaling

Chronic illness: Pandemic stress

There are risk factors to being chronically ill in a high-stress environment and being isolated during the pandemic life. COVID19 brings with it unique external stressors we may have a difficult time adjusting to like we do other stressors. Mental illness Anxiety: Even before COVID-19 hit its shores, the U.S. was a clinically anxious place. According … Continue reading Chronic illness: Pandemic stress

Social isolation and mental wellbeing

What we are learning with the Coronavirus pandemic is that people need people. I know what people are going through. Most disabled people do know. We know all too well... because all this? It is the cost of disability.  We know financial insecurity We know losing our jobs We know financial instability when we lose … Continue reading Social isolation and mental wellbeing