What is on the horizon with migraines – with Dr. Goadsby

Discussion with Dr. Goadsby about new migraine research and treatments both preventatively and acutely on the horizon.

Rare disease day: visual weirdness #CareAboutRARE

Rare Disease Day My Rare diseases are: Persistent migraine aura without infarction (also known as "Visual Snow") Ehlers-Danlos syndrome hypermobility type I'm going to write about persistent migraine auras and visual snow. Because when I read what was listed on the site of rare diseases, as you see highlighted above, I was surprised. Persistent migraine … Continue reading Rare disease day: visual weirdness #CareAboutRARE

Visual snow is a distinct clinical entity

Clinical psychiatry news The research suggests that Visual Snow isn't a persistent migraine aura, but rather a rare disease in of its own. Symptoms: Results showed that in addition to visual snow, nearly all patients reported other visual symptoms, such floaters (73%); persistent visual images (63%); difficulty seeing at night (58%); tiny objects moving on … Continue reading Visual snow is a distinct clinical entity