A different Christmas

This year I could not go see my mom due to the pandemic and the current regulations. I could not go visit friends either. However, since my father is single and lives alone we were able to have him over for a visit and that was an awesome bonus. Charlie helps us prepare of Christmas … Continue reading A different Christmas

A pandemic Christmas

It is time for A Chronic Voice's December Linkup! This months prompts are: ExhaustingExcitingSocializingIndulgingCutting I wrote a post some years back called Avoiding Stress During the Holiday Season with Fibromyalgia. And any given year those tips still apply but during a worldwide pandemic it is a little bit different. Many of us are not seeing … Continue reading A pandemic Christmas

End of year: top posts and thoughts

  Top post of the year goes to: FIBROMYALGIA: COSTOCHONDRITIS Runner ups Allodynia and fibromyalgia Losing your career to chronic illness Chronic illness: be careful what you tolerate they will use it against you Fibromyalgia: why do we itch? Living wage vs. disability income My thoughts It has been a rough year. And really a … Continue reading End of year: top posts and thoughts