Quarantine Birthday

So my birthday is April 28th and everyone is Social Distancing and not gathering and staying safe... so no going out with friends or going out to dinner with my family. So it is a hermit birthday for me this year. I am not one to whine about such things. I just make the best … Continue reading Quarantine Birthday

End of year: top posts and thoughts

  Top post of the year goes to: FIBROMYALGIA: COSTOCHONDRITIS Runner ups Allodynia and fibromyalgia Losing your career to chronic illness Chronic illness: be careful what you tolerate they will use it against you Fibromyalgia: why do we itch? Living wage vs. disability income My thoughts It has been a rough year. And really a … Continue reading End of year: top posts and thoughts

Looking into 2019: goals and treatment

To check out my cruddy year: Chronic illness 2018 yearly review But this about looking forward. So it was not the best year. I got more ill with this lingering vestibular condition that really had been a massive drain on my energy and the symptoms make it hard to function. It is a good idea I … Continue reading Looking into 2019: goals and treatment