What impedes my acceptance

I have attained a certain level of acceptance. Acceptance I will always have pain. Acceptance that I deserve a life with it. Acceptance that life must be balanced, limited and paced. That I must take care of myself and do my self-care on bad days. And that I should always strive for more improvement. I … Continue reading What impedes my acceptance

Awareness: Invisible Disabilities Week

Every one of my illnesses is invisible. From hypothyroidism to chronic pain. Even migraines, because they are chronic, are invisible. Less invisible when they are episodic because you Do Not function with them normally. But you have to when they are chronic, so, they are invisible. Either way, looking at someone you cannot tell they … Continue reading Awareness: Invisible Disabilities Week

Women with Invisible disabilities and work

The Working Mother research included case studies of women with such disabilities as Asperger’s and fibromyalgia. What distinguishes this group of disabled workers area, among other characteristics, the following: They tend not to report their disability to management. When they do report it, they often do not receive any accommodation. They are less satisfied on … Continue reading Women with Invisible disabilities and work

Invisible illness: Invisible no more

We can face a lot of stigma with invisible illnesses. We can be doubted. We can be minimized. But we have certain rights too and the right to enforce them. Our suffering matters. Our well-being matters. Invisible illnesses... are invisible. Therefore doubted. Could be that doctor that doubted the pain you were in, so didn't … Continue reading Invisible illness: Invisible no more