The Botox

So a couple days after my BOTOX and my forehead feels stiff and my eyebrows are stiff as well. This is better than the first time which I got complete numbness over the forehead for the whole duration and could not move my eyebrows a bit. So an improvement I'd say since I still have … Continue reading The Botox

CGRP: The hope

  Sounds like 2017 will be a good year for migraines. We have the anti-CGRP treatments coming out. Something to look forward to when we have never really had much to look forward to. Actually, there are more than four companies, developing both monoclonal antibodies that target CGRP or its receptor, as well as other … Continue reading CGRP: The hope

Topamax, weight loss, and food apathy

Weight loss is one of the more attractive potential side effects to Topamax but not one everyone has. The first time I was on the medication I did not have it and I believe it was because there was no change at all to my eating habits... which was good, my weight was perfectly fine … Continue reading Topamax, weight loss, and food apathy