The cult of positivity

There is nothing wrong with being positive or working of thinking positive. Take a look at Let's look at 'thinking positive' which essentially is this Cognitive Behavioural therapy for mental illness and chronic pain is a good thing. We can be caught in a net of negative thinking and need to adjust ourselves to more … Continue reading The cult of positivity

Chronic stress and the body

Chronic negative stress does not do a body good. We all know this. Because we have pain and illness and so stress from That plus the life consequences of That causes a boatload of negative stress. We all know our mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as our physical wellbeing, but I don't know … Continue reading Chronic stress and the body

Chronic pain and mental health

A 74.5% incidence of psychiatric disorders was present in the patient sample The rate of depressive and anxiety disorders was 29.4% and 23.5%, respectively Comorbid anxiety scores (P = 0.019) and SSAS scores (P = 0.046) were significantly higher in chronic pain patients with a somatoform disorder HAM-A scores were found to be significantly higher in patients … Continue reading Chronic pain and mental health

Chronic pain and self-esteem

Self-esteem scores of the pain-prone patients were significantly lower than for the other three groups, who did not differ significantly from each other. The pain-prone patients were given a 12-week treatment programme involving psychological intervention. Further self-esteem scores were obtained for them and the controls. Treatment was associated with a significant increase in self-esteem for … Continue reading Chronic pain and self-esteem

Chronic illness: Mood, happiness, and life satisfaction

 What I don't like is this 'pursuit of happiness' as an ultimate life goal. It is flawed in design. It is like utopia... it doesn't exist. You will never find it and the quest will make you dissatisfied and miserable. And yet, it is something in our culture we seem to think is perfectly normal. … Continue reading Chronic illness: Mood, happiness, and life satisfaction