Depression and migraine

Troubled waters

Migraine Awareness Day 23 Watch the video of Josh Groban and Brian McKnight singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” then tell us about a time you were going through “troubled waters” with Migraine, Cluster, or other headache disorder and someone helped you get through the storm. People have helped me out in the past. A lot. … Continue reading Troubled waters

Self-imposed stigma: weak

  We are strong in many ways. How we persevere. How we have adapted and coped with chronic illness. I know this for a fact, logically in my brain when I think about it. But emotionally is another story altogether. Society often compels us to push through the pain in order to function normally. We … Continue reading Self-imposed stigma: weak

Mental Health Awareness month: Depression and migraines

With migraines, we are three times more likely to develop depression.   And we have a higher risk of suicide as well, even factoring in the depression. This week is mental health awareness week and I think depression is an important topic with chronic migraine specifically. With chronic pain, we tend to have this belief … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness month: Depression and migraines

Migraine and depression #MHAM

I was diagnosed with depression associated with chronic pain, but the fact is migraines play a significant role in this. Migraines can dramatically affect my mood. Significantly when the migraine is a status migraine and lasts for three days to, well, way too long. I have had suicidal ideation. Suicidal attempts. The depression itself can … Continue reading Migraine and depression #MHAM

The slippery slope of high pain and depression at night

I was talking about triggers with my psychologist in regards to depression. He said he pretty much knew what mine were. And I said good thing someone knows. But, in fact, some were pretty clear. Two massively big ones: Pain and Over-thinking. And how it creates the perfect storm. How both of my suicide attempts … Continue reading The slippery slope of high pain and depression at night