Migraine auras and hallucinations

Okay, this is going to be a weird post about reality and what we can actually Know about reality when we have neurological conditions. So weird. Just a heads up. I have persistent migraine auras and also auras before a migraine. And I get a boatload of types. The visual- which is my persistent migraine … Continue reading Migraine auras and hallucinations

migraine aura sense lies

Yeah, it could be a migraine aura

I had a weird migraine aura last night. It was this orb of white light with an electric blue core that zipped from the corner of the room to behind me. That core of blue? I've never seen that in reality. It is an indescribable blue. Only my brain makes that blue. Then I heard a … Continue reading Yeah, it could be a migraine aura

Rare disease day: visual weirdness #CareAboutRARE

Rare Disease Day My Rare diseases are: Persistent migraine aura without infarction (also known as "Visual Snow") Ehlers-Danlos syndrome hypermobility type I'm going to write about persistent migraine auras and visual snow. Because when I read what was listed on the site of rare diseases, as you see highlighted above, I was surprised. Persistent migraine … Continue reading Rare disease day: visual weirdness #CareAboutRARE

Migraine: The Aura stage

Stage 2: The aura stage Experienced in about 20-25% Can have associated allodynia: hypersensitivity of skin to the touch, burning skin pain. Dizziness Decreased hearing, muffled hearing, Tinnitus Hemiplegia: One-sided paralysis (HM only) One0sdies motor weakness (HM only) Auditory hallucinations Visual hallucinations: wavy lines, blurry vision, partial loss of vision, scotoma, phosphenes. Olfactory hallucinations. Paresthesia: Prickling, … Continue reading Migraine: The Aura stage