Working with migraine: And so the saga continues

Migraine: beginner’s guide to posts

I have written a great deal about migraines and perhaps that makes it tricky to find the basic information one might want to find. So here is your guide to migraines from my blog. Just some basics. Impact of high episodic and chronic migraine study What I want people to understand about chronic migraine Migraine … Continue reading Migraine: beginner’s guide to posts

Migraine auras and hallucinations

Okay, this is going to be a weird post about reality and what we can actually Know about reality when we have neurological conditions. So weird. Just a heads up. I have persistent migraine auras and also auras before a migraine. And I get a boatload of types. The visual- which is my persistent migraine … Continue reading Migraine auras and hallucinations

Chronic migraine: Topamax to blame for brain drain?

We all know there are cognitive impairments with chronic migraine. With any migraine. And if we needed to know the details of that, well, they did a study on it. My post about that is here. This essentials to that migraine study were: “Cognitive performance decreases during migraine attacks, especially in reading and processing speed, … Continue reading Chronic migraine: Topamax to blame for brain drain?