Really, real types of migraine

I get migraines. I get a lot of migraines. My head is just one big migraine. But not every migraine is alike. And even the main symptoms of a migraine vary. Maybe one day insanely photosensitive and the next literally the sound of plates touching is excruciating.   Here are the types of migraine to … Continue reading Really, real types of migraine

The persistent migraine aura

Persistent Aura Without Infarction (PAWOI) is an elusive condition where the migraine aura with migraines persists for hours, days, weeks or even years in a small percentage of migraineurs. "According to the International Headache Society, PAWOI is distinguished from normal migraines by having aura lasting longer than seven days [3]. Also, these symptoms must not … Continue reading The persistent migraine aura

menstrual-related migraines

Another recent study examined the relation between the menstrual cycle and migraine characteristics. Migraine headache was reported to be significantly more severe, disabling, and frequent during the menstrual intervals of the reproductive cycle than during the midluteal or midcycle intervals.   Treatment options- an interesting information package regarding treatment protocols. Those of us with menstrual-related … Continue reading menstrual-related migraines