Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine

I won the last category of prizes in this year's #ShadesForMigraine contest and in it you win a prize package. There is always something interesting in there. 1st prize came with an Allay Green Light lamp (Coupon here) for example and that is a product I adore and would recommend to anyone with migraine disease. … Continue reading Migraine products from #ShadesForMigraine

Book review: The Things We Don’t Say

The Things We Don't Say: An Anthology of Chronic Illness Truths- Julie Morgenlender. Sections in the book: Part I: RelationshipsPart 2: Experiencing the emotionsPart 3: The Medical SidePart 4: AcceptancePart 5: Things we wish we'd knownPart 6: What we wish folks knew (my essay All About the Pain is here)Part 7: Others' Perceptions This is … Continue reading Book review: The Things We Don’t Say