At-home sleep test and sleep apnea

I asked my doctor to get me a sleep study. Mostly because I had noticed waking up just not breathing. Not gasping or choking for air. Just like breathing-paused. And while I won't admit to snoring I have woken myself up snoring. So, yeah, I snore. What concerned me was sleep apnea. Given I am … Continue reading At-home sleep test and sleep apnea

Painsomnia and sleep deprivation

So I'm going to start with this tidbit: The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesn't get enough sleep. AHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!! My brain is EATING itself. WTAF! Not cool. Other issues with sleep deprivation can include: Impacts short-term and long-term memory Concentration becomes impaired along with problem-solving abilities and even creativity Mood instability- obviously lack … Continue reading Painsomnia and sleep deprivation