Guest post: Have Photophobia? Don’t Wear Sunglasses Indoors

How many mornings have you walked from your bedroom to your bathroom after an especially spirited night of imbibing, bouncing into walls that you can never remember were there and wincing against the stray rays of sunlight that always seem to make their way past your wall of curtains? Too many to count probably, but … Continue reading Guest post: Have Photophobia? Don’t Wear Sunglasses Indoors

Just too much rest

  I do think rest is vital Napping when we need to Resting when we need to Pacing activities during the day All necessary. With vestibular issues I have been resting a lot. The majority of the day. If I do anything at all, I need more rest. Massive fatigue comes with vestibular problems. Standing … Continue reading Just too much rest


You sometimes you just have to diagnose yourself. My doc thinks my vertigo, disequilibrium and lightdeadedness, dizziness... is vestibular migraine. But it isn't presenting like I know them to be. I am fine lying down. Not so good sitting up. And horrible standing up and moving. The more I move and get about in the … Continue reading PoTS