Art therapy: drawing

So I am still working on doing some drawing as personal art therapy. I find it an effective pain distraction as I have to be intent on my focus on what I am doing. I have been teaching myself because we do not have art therapy in our area. Some of the art I have … Continue reading Art therapy: drawing

New Hobby: Drawing and art therapy

You know I love to write and recently I have picked up paint-by-numbers. My spouse and I love it. In fact, a certain someone is getting one for Christmas. Well, I thought maybe I would pick up drawing again as well. It has been over twenty years but I thought there is something to art … Continue reading New Hobby: Drawing and art therapy

Creativity and chronic illness

I'll start with the poem I wrote above. I wrote it about chronic pain. And I often write poetry about my experience or existence with chronic pain and illness. It gets out a lot of the emotions and frustrations. Pain, invisible illness, suffering, mental illness... these things have all inspired art. Because art is a … Continue reading Creativity and chronic illness