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Fibromyalgia introduction post– has posts I have made that will help someone recently diagnosed with all the information they need with their recent diagnosis

I know a lot of you have your favourite posts. But I have some posts I really wanted to work on that I would like to share if you missed them:

  1. Chronic pain: Fake it till you make it
  2. 7 Lies of chronic pain
  3. Chronic pain: Fearing to try and self-worth
  4. Chronic illness: Knowing the past is fearing the future
  5. 6 chronic illness fears
  6. Chronic illness and resiliency
  7. Chronic illness: Our sense of self
  8. Creativity and chronic illness
  9. Chronic illness: Self-identity
  10. Chronic illness and worry
  11. Chronic illness and the art of pacing
  12. Chronic illness: ‘You’re faking it’
  13. The unpredictability and downturns of chronic illness
  14. Denial and chronic illness
  15. 10 misconceptions of chronic illness
  16. Ways not to respond to someone’s chronic illness
  17. How can you blog if you are chronically ill?
  18. Guilty of being chronically ill
  19. Depression: Do not med shame me
  20. 6 Reasons I masked my depression
  21. Challenges of fibromyalgia
  22. Fibromyalgia is more than pain
  23. Let’s talk chronic migraine
  24. Migraine matters: Some really, real questions I can answer