2. Migraine Again
  3. Headache and Migraine News
  4. Emedicine Migraine Headache
  5. Fact Sheets
  6. Chronic Check out their resource guide to Chronic Migraines.
  7. My Migraine Connection- Healthcentral Great place for information and support.
  8. Migraine Research Foundation
  9. Teri Roberts Article List This is a pretty good list of Teri Roberts articles and she is a well known migraine advocate and writer.
  10. American Headache and Migraine Association
  11.  (Migraine Associated Vertigo Forum)- the forum is great for support but also posts the most recent research on the subject.
  12. Migraine Aura Foundation – What I like about this site is that you can see all the different variations migraine auras can take here however they do not update very often. Nevertheless pretty interesting.
  13. Halo Simulator -Halos are a common migraine aura and this simulator gives an idea what they look like. Another is the Starbursting-simulator
  14. Headache- The Journal of Head and Face Pain


Brain Storm A great blog by a well known migraine advocate.
The Daily Headache A quality blog that I have visited for quite some time.
Putting our Heads Together A great amount of information to be found on this blog. Accurate information. Teri Robert is the writer for this one, a well known migraine advocate.
The Daily Migraine Is a great site that I highly recommend. I often go to her Facebook page as well. Lisa Jacobson is the creator of this site.


National Fibromyalgia Association 

National ME/FM Action Network (Canadian) 

Fibromyalgia Network 


FibroTV Podcast Archive 



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