Stuff I use

I use a lot of things to manage pain, chronic illness, and sensitivities to a lot of products and have come across a lot of products as well. Here are some links to posts I have written about products I use for chronic pain and chronic illness.

Products I use for chronic illness

Review: IceKap for migraine

Ice therapy for migraines is a must for me. The IceKap you can use warm as well, but for me ice is nice, man, ice is nice. And the all-around ice treatment does it for me.

IceKap for migraine

Review: Japanese Mint Oil

I have been using Japanese Mint Oil as a migraine balm for years. I use it on the neck, temples, and forehead. I bring it to work with me and use it often on breaks. Something to just ease things when the triptan fails, or when I can’t use a triptan that day. Sort of an aromatherapy plus muscle tension release.

Review: Theraspecs

I love my Haven TheraSpecs. I LOVE them love them. I do own other Fl-41 specs, but these are my favorite of them. Just the style. The lightness of the frame, so it doesn’t cause pressure. The flexibility of the earpieces, so you can reduce pressure there. And just the fact it really helps with the photophobia from migraines.

A Review: FibroCane Vitamins and supplements for Fibromyalgia

I use Fibrocane as my main Fibromyalgia supplement. It pretty much has in it what I would want from a supplement for FM so I have stuck with it.


Review: Oska Pulse

I use to Oska Pulse every day for pain management of FM and migraines.  It is an external pain device using PEMF technology. If you are interested in purchasing one you can use my blogger discount of BRAIN to get $55 dollars off the price.

Oska Pulse for chronic pain

Peppermint Sage Shampoo

from Mother Earth Essentials: They have a body wash and lotion in the same scent. And this shampoo is divine. I came across it by happenchance as a hotel uses it in Banff. I am finicky with shampoo being allergic to a lot of the chemicals they put in things, but this was perfect. And the scent is so soothing. Something about the scent of peppermint that I love when it comes to aromatherapy. I can’t find it on Amazon or even this combo in a different product, so this is where I get it.

Stuff I want to try:

Plantlife Soap: The soap I want to try is Vanilla Orange because it sounds delicious and it is for dry skin. Now usually I am all about the peppermint, which they have, but it says it is for oily skin, so that is why I am giving this one a go.

Also, see my 2017 Christmas list of which I mention a lot of things I use and recommend but have not actually made posts about. Christmas Gift ideas for chronic pain

I also affiliate with The Honest Company if you want to check out the brand. I like them because of the nonsynthetic fragrances in their cleaning products. Not to mention other things. But that in particular.