The Honest Company

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I am affiliating with the Honest Company not because they have great baby products ( I  have no children) but because of their cleaning product line that suits my health needs when it comes to products like that. I have a lot of skin sensitivities from fibromyalgia and a Lot of scent triggers for migraine. So I have to be careful when I choose products.

This just sounds really nice to try. But mostly I am interested in their cleaning products. I have sensitive needs in that area.

“Made without: SLS/SLES, Dyes, Ammonia, Synthetic Fragrances, Chlorine Bleach, Methylisothiazolinone” This is why I am interested in the product. 

“Plant-derived cleansers powerfully cut through grease and grime to leave sealed surfaces sparkling clean — without leaving chemical residues that can irritate skin”

I am really keen on trying it and testing it out and reviewing it. Between asthma and migraines these things are hard to find. This company stuck out for me so I wanted to affiliate with them and try their products.

“Made without: SLS/SLES, Dyes, Ammonia, Synthetic Fragrances, Chlorine Bleach, Methylisothiazolinone. Plant-derived cleansers powerfully cut through limescale and soap scum to leave bathroom surfaces sparkling clean.”

I haven’t ordered them yet due to lack of funds. When I run out of what I have then I will and post a review as well.