Benefits of Bilateral Beats

Basically, bilateral beats are when you listen to beats of two slightly different frequencies at the same time- therefore, it is only actually effective if you are listening with devices like headphones and earphones. Usually combined with Isochronic tones- which is the beat that’s like a rhythmic pulse used for brain wave entrainment. The idea … Continue reading Benefits of Bilateral Beats

Being Chronically ill is more expensive than people believe

When you have a chronic illness, or two, or five it can get expensive and more often than not the more disabling it is the more likely it is it will impact your capacity to make an income or your income stability. It is like trying to balance an impossible equation It is the ultimate … Continue reading Being Chronically ill is more expensive than people believe

Chronic pain: Treatment alternatives

In this massive wave of the opiate epidemic washing over pain patients, people are asking what is there to replace the treatment we had that is effective. I have been asked a few times with all the articles about people suffering horribly as their meds are taken from them. And we all know about the … Continue reading Chronic pain: Treatment alternatives