Fibromyalgia: high pain, coping and mental illness

I want to mention this study because it makes a very good point about the need for acceptance and resiliency that comes from acceptance in coping with fibromyalgia. And also the complications mental illness puts on acceptance. The study: Patients With Fibromyalgia Reporting Severe Pain but Low Impact of the Syndrome: Clinical and Pain-Related Cognitive … Continue reading Fibromyalgia: high pain, coping and mental illness

Guest Post: Battling Anxiety

It is the time of year where anxiety can be quite a problem as worries and fears pile up during the holidays. The only anxiety I experience is through my depression and a brief bout of morning anxiety due to pain. What I did for that was slow breathing exercises. Anxiety symptoms (Source: Mayo Clinic) … Continue reading Guest Post: Battling Anxiety

Illness perception and fibromyalgia

Poor Illness Perceptions Are a Risk Factor for Depressive and Anxious Symptomatology in Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Longitudinal Cohort Study¬†study published online November 1st, 2017 in¬†Frontiers in Psychiatry Depression and anxiety are highly comorbid with fibromyalgia and the objective of the study was to determine whether severe pain, maladaptive coping, and poor illness perception are associated … Continue reading Illness perception and fibromyalgia

Anxiety, depression, and migraines

Anxiety and depression are both comorbid with migraines. The study in Headache looked at 588 patients. They were attending and outpatient headache clinic and it was found that more frequent migraine was experienced by those with symptoms of depression and anxiety. The study's investigators noted that factors such as emotional distress and frequency of headache … Continue reading Anxiety, depression, and migraines

Half of people with anxiety or depression also report chronic pain

  "The dual burden of chronic physical conditions and mood and anxiety disorders is a significant and growing problem," said Silvia Martins, MD, PhD, associate professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health, and senior author. Science Daily It was a survey of people with anxiety, depression or bipolar. And half were found … Continue reading Half of people with anxiety or depression also report chronic pain