Pain Art

I found some wonderful art reflecting Pain in all its forms... Sometimes artwork can express what we cannot. Sometimes it reflects what is inside us deep down that we never quite say out loud. Christophe Hohler – Pain Paint Rot Howl Christophe Hohler – Pain Paint Rot Howl Marcus Ortega- Agony Agony- Marcus Ortega Andrew … Continue reading Pain Art

A Chronic Voice: May prompts

Join A Chronic Voice for blogger May Prompts! Prompts for May ForeseeingPanickingUpbringingAccessingSoothing This month of May is a very high awareness month. Here are some of them: I tend to focus on Fibromyalgia and Mental Health month since they impact me the most. However EDS since I have Joint Hypermobility syndrome and issue with that … Continue reading A Chronic Voice: May prompts

Creativity and chronic illness

I'll start with the poem I wrote above. I wrote it about chronic pain. And I often write poetry about my experience or existence with chronic pain and illness. It gets out a lot of the emotions and frustrations. Pain, invisible illness, suffering, mental illness... these things have all inspired art. Because art is a … Continue reading Creativity and chronic illness