A Chronic Voice: May prompts

Join A Chronic Voice for blogger May Prompts! Prompts for May ForeseeingPanickingUpbringingAccessingSoothing This month of May is a very high awareness month. Here are some of them: I tend to focus on Fibromyalgia and Mental Health month since they impact me the most. However EDS since I have Joint Hypermobility syndrome and issue with that … Continue reading A Chronic Voice: May prompts

A migraine story in pictures and art

Chronic migraine is sort of a secretive thing. We fake a smile for the camera. Hide the pain behind a smile. Hard to see. Hard to know. Never see behind closed doors. But it is a lot of cancelled plans. A lot of pain. A lot of symptoms. A lot people do not see or … Continue reading A migraine story in pictures and art

Creativity and chronic illness

I'll start with the poem I wrote above. I wrote it about chronic pain. And I often write poetry about my experience or existence with chronic pain and illness. It gets out a lot of the emotions and frustrations. Pain, invisible illness, suffering, mental illness... these things have all inspired art. Because art is a … Continue reading Creativity and chronic illness