Disability blogger award

I have been nominated for the Disability Blogger Award designed by Chronillicles for the niches of Disability, Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, and Special needs.    RULES: Thank your nominator: And thank you Chronillicles for the nomination. I really appreciate it. Recognize the creator of the award... also Chronillicles. So thank you for creating this award to show … Continue reading Disability blogger award

All for one Award post

I have been nominated for a few Blogger awards by some great bloggers you can check out. But I thought instead of ignoring two and just doing one, I would do all three in one! Keep it Mindful nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award One Blog, One Day at a Time nominated me for … Continue reading All for one Award post

Confession Part two: Chronic illness

I wrote a post called Confessions of a person with Chronic Pain. This is the follow-up. Confessions of people with chronic illness. I'm getting some fellow bloggers to chip in. Confession: I eat nausea medication like candy just so I can function.- mini2z Confession: I want to starve myself. Food causes me pain, nausea, and … Continue reading Confession Part two: Chronic illness