Fibromyalgia and headaches

Fibromyalgia and headaches seem to go hand in hand. I have always been one, ever since I was young, to be very prone to headaches. These days if I do not have a migraine, I have a bad headache. A lot of the research focuses on migraine disease and fibromyalgia. Both migraine disease and fibromyalgia … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and headaches

A migraine story in pictures and art

Chronic migraine is sort of a secretive thing. We fake a smile for the camera. Hide the pain behind a smile. Hard to see. Hard to know. Never see behind closed doors. But it is a lot of cancelled plans. A lot of pain. A lot of symptoms. A lot people do not see or … Continue reading A migraine story in pictures and art

Chronic migraine and impact study

There was a new study that demonstrated chronic migraine impact lives more so than episodic migraine. Shocking, I know. And they expected this difference in impact. What they didn't expect was the extent of the gap. I could have told them from just experience. We all could have. We all know the distance we have … Continue reading Chronic migraine and impact study