Fibromyalgia and headaches

Fibromyalgia and headaches seem to go hand in hand. I have always been one, ever since I was young, to be very prone to headaches. These days if I do not have a migraine, I have a bad headache. A lot of the research focuses on migraine disease and fibromyalgia. Both migraine disease and fibromyalgia … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and headaches

Fibromyalgia: Restless Leg Syndrome

Fibromyalgia has quite a few sleep issues associated with it as well as the fundamental sleep dysfunction associated with the syndrome. One issue that one can have with fibromyalgia is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). What is Restless Leg Syndrome It is a nervous system disorder usually affecting the legs causing the urge to move them. … Continue reading Fibromyalgia: Restless Leg Syndrome

Migraine comorbids

Several chronic pain disorders were reported to be associated with migraine. The Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (Hagen et al., 2002) noted that subjects with headache reported more musculoskeletal pain than those without. The risk was similar between migraine and non-migraine headache patients (OR = 1.9 vs. 1.8). However, headache frequency was a strong predictor for musculoskeletal pain. Von … Continue reading Migraine comorbids