Modes of Self-care

It seems like everybody uses the word self-care to refer to pretty much everything they do for enjoyment. It is a little different when we are chronically ill. Self-care is necessary for wellbeing, yes, but for emotional, mental, and physical quality of life and for even better functionality. Right now we all need to focus … Continue reading Modes of Self-care

how far we have gone

Chronic pain: How far you have come

I know with chronic pain we can get tired. Damn exhausted. It seems like we are in a continuous battle. Every day we wake up to a new battle. And sometimes we feel like we are not coping with the pain well. That we are not strong enough for this onslaught. I get that. I … Continue reading Chronic pain: How far you have come

A Chronic Voice: July Prompts

A Chronic Voice July Link Up Prompts Prompts BotheringDemandingNourishingTelecommutingTolerating Well, we are already in July. Halfway through this hell-fest of 2020. It has been raining here for weeks which means migraine attacks and fibro flares... but also our flower garden is blooming wonderfully. I am amazed it is halfway through the year. It seems like … Continue reading A Chronic Voice: July Prompts

Chronic illness: Pandemic stress

There are risk factors to being chronically ill in a high-stress environment and being isolated during the pandemic life. COVID19 brings with it unique external stressors we may have a difficult time adjusting to like we do other stressors. Mental illness Anxiety: Even before COVID-19 hit its shores, the U.S. was a clinically anxious place. According … Continue reading Chronic illness: Pandemic stress