Illness perception and fibromyalgia

Poor Illness Perceptions Are a Risk Factor for Depressive and Anxious Symptomatology in Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Longitudinal Cohort Study¬†study published online November 1st, 2017 in¬†Frontiers in Psychiatry Depression and anxiety are highly comorbid with fibromyalgia and the objective of the study was to determine whether severe pain, maladaptive coping, and poor illness perception are associated … Continue reading Illness perception and fibromyalgia

Depression Matters: Some really, real questions I can answer.

Okay, shoot. What are your depression questions So what type of Depression do you have? Good question. So I have Major Depressive Disorder. Diagnosed when it turns out the depression wasn't related to the chronic pain after all. That is, it became a beast all its own. A roaring all-consuming beast. A soul-crushing... well, you … Continue reading Depression Matters: Some really, real questions I can answer.

Anxiety, depression, and migraines

Anxiety and depression are both comorbid with migraines. The study in Headache looked at 588 patients. They were attending and outpatient headache clinic and it was found that more frequent migraine was experienced by those with symptoms of depression and anxiety. The study's investigators noted that factors such as emotional distress and frequency of headache … Continue reading Anxiety, depression, and migraines