Artwork, chronic pain, and society

I was thinking about some things lately and it inspired some chronic pain and migraine art. Very abstract art for these ones. Very specific. They have a lot of meaning to me for such simple little sketches and I doubt someone else would see that meaning. One of my first drawings since I picked up … Continue reading Artwork, chronic pain, and society

Pandemic life vs. disability life for me

I thought I would post the comparison between the normal person's Pandemic Life vs. My Disabled Life... currently. Because there are similarities and differences. Samesies The same with a normal person's experience with COVID-19 and having to stay at home with the stress, anxiety and rapid changes in their lives How my experience being disabled … Continue reading Pandemic life vs. disability life for me

What is Ableism?

You may have heard people talk about Ableism. I often talk about stigma and discrimination but haven't used the term itself but it is the term. Like sexism, ageism and racism, ableism is a form of discrimination against disabled people by those who are not. Definition type of discrimination in which able-bodied individuals are viewed as normal … Continue reading What is Ableism?