End of year: top posts and thoughts

  Top post of the year goes to: FIBROMYALGIA: COSTOCHONDRITIS Runner ups Allodynia and fibromyalgia Losing your career to chronic illness Chronic illness: be careful what you tolerate they will use it against you Fibromyalgia: why do we itch? Living wage vs. disability income My thoughts It has been a rough year. And really a … Continue reading End of year: top posts and thoughts

Top posts of 2018

Fibromyalgia: costochondritis: Was the top post of the year!    The top five after: The 'What the what' Fibromyalgia flare Chronic illness: 'You're faking it' Chronic illness and the art of pacing Survival mode is not meant to be lived in Guilty of being chronically ill   Top old post checked out: Brain grey matter … Continue reading Top posts of 2018