Fibromyalgia Awareness: See me? All of me?

Wearing my purple of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day May12th The first pic I wasn't feeling well and just snapped it. The middle one was from years ago prior to the vertigo. I use it sometimes because it is a good one. The one to the left was this years... and frankly all I could manage. A … Continue reading Fibromyalgia Awareness: See me? All of me?

Fibromyalgia and headaches

Fibromyalgia and headaches seem to go hand in hand. I have always been one, ever since I was young, to be very prone to headaches. These days if I do not have a migraine, I have a bad headache. A lot of the research focuses on migraine disease and fibromyalgia. Both migraine disease and fibromyalgia … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and headaches

Question: Is fibromyalgia a disability?

The first fact I want to say about fibromyalgia and disability is that Fibromyalgia varies between person to person. Some are disabled. While some are not. But we all walk that line between barely functional and disabled through our lives with fibromyalgia. We are all limited by: fibro flares cognitive dysfunction (fibro fog) The pain … Continue reading Question: Is fibromyalgia a disability?