When you have fibromyalgia

It is fibromyalgia awareness month once again. Remember fibromyalgia awareness day fall on May 12th. I'd like to start the month with a little fibromyalgia humor. Sadly, it is also all true. When you have fibromyalgia Sleep is a delicious nectar of the gods that is denied you Too much sleep? That's a flare The last time … Continue reading When you have fibromyalgia

In a Flare

The Flare up (see here for my article on it) is one of the worst fibromyalgia experiences. I fell into it sometime last night and woke up with the most unpleasant pains. In the hips, shoulders, and back, not to mention all over aches. I was very fatigued yesterday and perhaps that was some prediction … Continue reading In a Flare