Brain grey matter atrophy in Fibromyalgia

There have been brain scans on¬†fibromyalgia¬†patients that have shown atrophy in specific areas on the brain. Does this suggest premature ageing of the brain? We have to remember that these are not long term studies. They cannot determine for example if these areas were smaller to begin with which mean they would be more of … Continue reading Brain grey matter atrophy in Fibromyalgia

Cognitive Dysfunction and fibromyalgia

When we are talking about poor cognitive function we have to be precise and to not confuse it with just being absentminded but studies have shown there are real cognitive dysfunctions occurring with¬†fibromyalgia. What is the cause of the cognitive dysfunction seen in the syndrome though? Is the brain ageing faster? Is it due to … Continue reading Cognitive Dysfunction and fibromyalgia