Top recommendations for fibromyalgia from fibromyalgia bloggers

Many of the Fibro Bloggers are joining in to share our top tips for coping with fibromyalgia this month to raise awareness of fibromyalgia. It is difficult to recommend anything for someone with fibromyalgia since everyone is at a different level. And that is also why I don’t recommend any specific medication or alternative treatment … Continue reading Top recommendations for fibromyalgia from fibromyalgia bloggers

Cannabis and fibromyalgia study

Through my trial and error, I did find that cannabis was beneficial to fibromyalgia but sort of off and on for migraines (depended on intensity and strain). Ever since it became legal here I have explored it for different types of pain. From CBD, to CBD/THC, to THC. Rubs, creams, capsules, joints, and homemade edibles. … Continue reading Cannabis and fibromyalgia study

Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

Sandy asks " What medications (over-the-counter, prescription from doctor, and natural remedies/supplements/vitamins) do you use? Fibro Files Blogger Questions I use different things to attack different areas for my pain management of fibromyalgia. Exercise This is important for fibromyalgia. But I am talking about the sort of exercise we can actually tolerate. Unfortunately, when I am … Continue reading Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

Magnesium for Fibromyalgia

Magnesium is important for people diagnosed with fibromyalgia because generally they are deficient in it and have additional concerns with the absorption of it. A magnesium deficiency contributes to many of the fibromyalgia symptoms and studies have shown taking magnesium alleviates some muscle pains but it is possible it may have a deeper role in assisting with other symptoms. … Continue reading Magnesium for Fibromyalgia